Why McDonnell Haydock? – Experience and knowledge
Having spent many years working within the lettings industry, we have seen the market & many associated compliance matters evolve & change. As such, we constantly refine the policies, procedures and skills necessary to provide a service which offers landlords complete piece of mind. McDonnell Haydock’s personal and professional service undertakes to meet all the requirements expected by today’s landlords - combining practical hands-on experience with good communication and marketing skills and also the latest computer technology, designed to give instant feedback to any marketing, management or accounting query.



Special emphasis is placed on the following:

  • Safeguarding your property – by employing effective property management practices - regular property inspections, safety checks & ensuring tenants meet their statutory obligations with regards to caring for your property .
  • Keeping you updated - providing prompt and efficient payment of rental income and the production of monthly statements outlining income and expenditure.
  • Protecting your interests – by maintaining a clear understanding of current housing and other relevant laws, giving us the ability to act decisively in the event of troublesome tenancy.
  • Keeping up to date with new initiatives, legislation & trends - which may affect many aspects of a tenancy & could impact on you as a landlord in areas such as tax, health & safety & other general market forces  


Why Letting? – Advice and guidance

  • A career opportunity – requiring you to relocate.
  • The purchase of an investment property.
  • Inherited property.
  • Found an ideal property to purchase, but have yet to sell your own home.

Whatever your circumstances, McDonnell Haydock can offer straight forward advice and guidance to prospective landlords, without obligation. Allow us to show you the right steps to a trouble free, successful future as a landlord.

McDonnell Haydock can also assist landlords in assessing all types of investment property, combining expert local knowledge together with an understanding of the current climate in marketing and the usual requirements and demands of today’s tenants.


What McDonnell Haydock offer – Let Only - Full Management
Two different services designed to meet all individual requirements and budgets and structured around the following fundamental residential letting & property management practices.


Marketing your property

McDonnel Haydock employ the most effective marketing methods to reach high quality professional tenants seeking all types of residential property in the south Manchester area - to include.

  • Prominent office location in Didsbury village – open six days a week.
  • Excellent business ties – with relocation agents/major local co’s/organisations.
  • Constantly updated property guide – frequently mailed to local co’s.
  • Individual property details – featuring digital photographs.
  • Regular advertising – in the region’s largest circulated local newspaper & other publications.
  • Daytime, early evening and weekend viewings – 100% accompanied by our staff.
  • Eye catching ‘to let’ boards – at no extra charge.
  • Internet advertising with the UK’s largest internet portals.


Finding you the right tenant
Upon receiving an application to rent your property, McDonnell Haydock will complete a number of comprehensive personal searches and financial checks to ascertain that any proposed tenant is both creditworthy and of sound character. Whilst there are no guarantees to a trouble free tenancy, having created thousands of tenancies, we are skilled at assessing the suitability of a potential tenant. As Landlords ourselves, we look for all our tenants to meet a number of expectations - financial & otherwise. Further, we must also ensure that the UK Governments "Right To Let" criteria is equally satisfied.

Finding quality tenants is as important a requirement for us as it is for our landlords, as we seek to try & make for a stress free tenancy & maintain our reputation as agents who are committed to safeguarding our clients by utilising various methods - such as the requirement for a UK based guarantor - as a means to minimising any future risk.

Inventory and schedule of condition
Years of experience in property management has demonstrated the importance of a comprehensive inventory and schedule of condition, detailing the contents of a property. This is especially relevant today, since the introduction of the tenants deposit protection scheme, as should there be any ambiguity between landlord & tenant with respect to dilapidation matters, any subsequent arbitration is purely "evidence based" - photographic & otherwise - & a lack of such will clearly diminish a Landlords chance of recouping such expenses. Therefore, each room, ceiling to the floor, is professionally documented and then signed and dated by the tenants on moving in. This together with a catalogue of photos, clearly outlining the current condition, is then re-checked at the end of the tenancy to clearly establish the difference between fair wear and tear and dilapidation - therefore:

  • Helping keep your property in optimum condition – saving you money.
  • Allowing us to ethically recover money from a tenant’s deposit if circumstances require it.
  • Avoiding time consuming telephone calls and correspondence and any unnecessary ambiguity – between tenants, managing agents & landlords.
  • Applies to fully managed only. Please note - Check-out and inventory procedure at additional cost for let only service clients.


Tenancy Agreements
The demands and requirements of today’s tenants mean that few tenancies are ever ‘standard’. Therefore knowledge and experience of current legislation is absolutely essential in order to tailor make an efficient and enforceable agreement suitable for all the needs and circumstances of both landlord and tenant. Please enquire further should you wish to view a sample tenancy agreement.

Rent Transfer and Accounting
Utilising the latest computer accounting software all our landlords receive rental payments that are automatically transferred to your bank or building society account. Fully itemised, easy- to –read statements of account are e-mailed to you each month, in order that payments can be regularly monitored. Those landlords who instruct us on a fully managed basis can further utilise our system by having any property related bills paid from their rent (subject to sufficient available funds) - this applies to full management service only. We also assist those landlords thinking of or indeed residing outside of the UK in obtaining the requisite NRL1 certificate, required from HMRC in order to remit rent payment to you gross rather than net of tax, in addition to providing your accountant with an annual statement in connection with any tenancy, so as to help remit your self assesment return.   

Full Management Service
For many landlords, it is neither, desirable, or economical for them to undertake the day to day events connected with the effective management of their property or, of course, the legal and other statutory compliance matters that are required to smooth the path of an ongoing tenancy. Therefore, McDonnell Haydock has devised a management service to ensure an efficient, effective solution to potentially time consuming and expensive problems. To find out more about this or any of our other services please contact Michael McDonnell or Robert Haydock on 0161 445 2115