Offering safe & secure returns, the residential property market in the United Kingdom has long been considered a favourite asset class of International Investors - both Private & Institutional. Overseas Investors are drawn to the United Kingdom by a combination of:

- a robust legal framework
- controlled planning 
- & strict regulations

All of which assist to ensure a degree of security & legitimacy most other countries find difficult to match.

Residential property is further enhanced by other underlying factors that determine the UK Residential Property Market - such as the fact that we are a nation with a small landmass & an ever increasing population (particularly single person households) & these factors coexist to create a persistent housing shortage.

Put into context, consider this - while other European nations (for example Germany) can be three times as large as the UK, our population is set to outnumber that of Germany in the not too distant future, being that it has already increased to over 63 million in just the last decade - up over 7% according to the office of national statistics. 

These facts afford Foreign Investors the opportunity to receive a healthy & stable return on investment & the potential of ongoing capital growth -  & whilst forecasts are always best avoided, certainly a fact not lost on prospective Investors will be that since 1996 - according to the Nationwide House Price Index (2016) - average house prices across the United Kingdom have risen an extraordinary 281%.  

While other countries may have suffered from weak political and economic backdrops, the UK has held fast since the banking crisis, particularly the residential housing sector. Part of the reason for such strength in depth has been that the UK property market has remained a key area of interest for international investors. Indeed, they have been  encouraged further by a weak rate in sterling & the Bank of England's interest rate policy that looks set to keep rates low in the aftermath of the Brexit vote & a recent general election.

In the light of this - McDonnell Haydock have over 40 years collective experience to help you find the right property in the Manchester area. 

Through reputation, on the most part, we have built a client portfolio of International Investors from across the globe - from Heads of Sovereign Wealth Funds (buying for their own portfolio) to Doctors, Professors & similar professionals seeking to broaden their investment horizons.

We're here to help you - regardless of your budget, we offer the same attentive service that will guide you in finding a property that both fits your budget & also your expectations. By dealing directly with our colleagues in Estate Agents locally we can source properties fresh to the market, engage with other Landlords perhaps looking to sell their own portfolios & attend auctions to shop for bargains, bidding on your behalf   

Now is a great time to become a Landlord in the UK & especially Manchester which has embraced it's reputation of being Europe's "fastest growing city" - as named by Deloitte in their 2017 annual regional crane survey. Skyscrapers are one major addition that is significantly transforming Manchester with six towers of more than 25 storeys currently under construction, and the report concluding that the city will "remain an attractive prospect for international investment despite increasing competition for sites"    

With 4 Universities & a population of some 1 million Students, a growing labour market, Media & Airport cities, the rental market here is one of the strongest in the UK. Manchester is the jewel in the crown of the Government's Northern Powerhouse investment programme & the city is set to receive further significant infrastructure investment to bolster its already strong credentials as a great place to live & work.  

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